Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trevor Voice Actor Possibly Uncovered

By now, it's no secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 will do something that's considered a first for the series; and that's having three protagonists that will all be controllable by the user in the game.
One of these "protagonists" is Trevor, a friend of Michael and considered to be the unstable one of the bunch. While we don't know any new info on the character itself, we might one good candidate on who's voicing Trevor in game.
Over on the unofficial GTAForums, people are speculating that Rick Shapiro, an actor who did voice-over work for Grand Theft Auto 4's radio, might be doing Trevor's in-game voice. However, Rick denied it on his Twitter. And in a rather weird move, they now think Trevor is being voiced by Rick's brother Robert. Forum users think that with Robert setting some of Twitter details private and him not denying or confirming it after being asked countless times on Twitter must mean there's smoke.
If that's a bit of a stretch for you, it gets weirder. It seems Robert Shapiro posted his mobile number on Twitter for people interested in hiring him. This tweet was then posted on GTAForums where he was then texted and called by GTA 5 fans asking if he was doing Trevor's voice. 
Here's the exchange with a caller that's making them believe Robert Shapiro is doing Trevor's voice (via Reddit).
I was talking to some folks on GTAforums. On Rob's twitter he posted his number asking for people interested in some road gig. His tweet was posted on GTAF and a couple members texted him. Rob called back. The first guy didn't want to answer (it was 4:00AM when he called, but he didn't bother calling back the next day, so he texted, and said that he just wanted to know if Rob was in GTA 5. Rob called the dude narcissistic, or something. Anyway this isn't that important, but what is important is the second caller.)
Second caller got an interesting response, which included Rob yelling at the GTAF member. Just read what the member wrote
I tried to call him on my house phone a few times but he wasn't answering. He eventually called me back and he wasn't very happy about this whole situation. He said he was pissed off because everyone commenting on his Twitter, and said he doesn't get to talk to his friends and family that often, and he uses Twitter to chat to them. I asked him why he couldn't just say 'no,' about the questions we were asking him but he tried to avoid the question by saying, "What do you want from me?".
At this point, I was about to hang up.. I was literally about to push end call when I decided to ask, "Are you voice acting as Trevor. Yes or no?"... at first I thought he had ended the call but he said since stage life is hard for him right now, he has been looking into that venue (voice acting) BUT can't confirm anything. I then asked him if it were in the contract and he ended the call.
Take from that what you will. This is, of course, not a confirmation in anyway, but it's more than what we had before. If you want to see hear what Robert Shapiro sounds like, see this YouTube video of him performing on the street.
Do you think this is Trevor's voice-actor or are GTA 5 fans just clutching at anything they can for news at this point?


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