Wednesday, April 3, 2013

GTA 5 Boxart Release Date Revealed

A mural in Manhattan will reveal Grand Theft Auto 5’s box art.

Grand Theft Auto V has had a long and troubled history, and the game’s not even out yet. Gamers everywhere are getting anxious for the franchise’s fifth entry, and some jokingly question if the game will ever hit store shelves.

In one of the few moments of publicity this game has seen over the past few months, Rockstar has opted to reveal the game’s box art through a progressive mural painted across the street from a bar in Manhattan. While not much of the image is readily apparent, we can gather that the game will stay traditional in terms of its box art. Much of the mural is currently covered by scaffolding, rendering only the lower half of the image seeable.

The mural should be finished by the end of next month.

With the game's release only 169 days away, the anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 5 is at a fever pitch. Today, Rockstar announced that it will reveal the game's highly anticipated box art in just a couple of days.

"The cover art is currently being painted as you've seen," wrote a Rockstar Games employee in a reply on one of the site's blog posts. "Please stay tuned and we'll have it here in digital form at the Newswire this week."

The game's box artwork can be seen as a work in progress as a mural on a building in downtown Manhattan, seen below. The image is courtesy of Instagram user hellotones.

It's far from complete, but we expect it to look like the following image once it's complete:

So how about it? The box art certainly doesn't disappoint and it goes in line with the previous games in the series, depicting much of the game's content—heists, fast cars, and angry men with light firearms.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is slated for a September 17 release.


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