Thursday, September 20, 2012

Should 'Grand Theft Auto V' Use Skyrim Features in New Game?

With a GTA 5 release date possibly announced late on Friday, or at least teased, many websites are continuing to talk about what features might make this next "Grand Theft Auto" installment an even better game. The latest comparisons are being drawn between GTA and Skyrim.
The website takes a look at five features that Rockstar Games could borrow from Bethesda for their upcoming title. They include kill cams, interactive A.I., unlimited exploration, level up capability, and the ability for the main character to get attacked at any time. All of these features sound great, with some more of a possibility than others.
The kill cams might be cool for some, but would make parents cringe at yet another aspect of intrusive and realistic violence being played out. In a more "fantasy" style game like Skyrim, kill cams are a bit more feasible, but one has to wonder how much Rockstar wants to push things with their game. There's been plenty of blame for violent acts placed on video games, and most people know that it's not video games that kill, but people. With that in mind, maybe Rockstar will go for the kill cam idea.
The other ideas including leveling up, unlimited exploration, and the "get attacked at any time" concept make good sense. The new "Grand Theft Auto 5" title is expected to offer a vast online multiplayer environment. Being able to customize and level your character up would certainly aid with that environment.
In terms of gameplay, the previous GTA titles have seen the main character the primary instigator of attacks. However, What Culture's suggestion for random attacks from people in the streets could make the game a bit more fun, and challenging. It would add the element of surprise, and make gamers a bit more cautious or aware of their surroundings.
While the ideas of using features from Bethesda's Skyrim make good sense to add to this latest Rockstar Games GTA installment, one thing is certain. Rockstar will want to take notes on the fact that Skyrim has had issues with regards to its DLC content being available on all platforms. Rockstar will certainly want to make sure it keeps its fans happy by providing any "Grand Theft Auto V" add-ons or additions to the game for all systems.


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