Friday, February 22, 2013

GTA5 for PS4?

We expected lots of details about Sony’s new PS4 at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2013 event.

However, pretty much all we got was talk what the console is capable of. We didn’t even get to see the device. Not exactly the unveiling many gamers expected. Sony did show off the controller, which looks very similar to a PS3 controller. The new Dual Shock 4 controller will come with a new ‘share’ button though, a touchpad at the front, and a headphone jack.

The share button will allow players to record gameplay and share screenshots on social networks. Sony’s lead system architect Mark Cerny, who presented the controller on stage, also said the console is going to support cross-game chat.

As for the actual console, Sony said the PS4 will feature an enhanced PC GPU which contains 18 compute units (unified) and can generate up to 1.84 teraflops of processing power. Thec power-chip contains a state of the art graphics processor and eight x86-64 cores.

The cloud gaming platform will roll out in phases, according to the company, and will allow players to play their favorite titles from all previous PlayStation models. They also said that players will be able to invite friends to their controllers virtually, to help them in completing games they have trouble with. A PlayStation app will be available for iOS and Android devices that will allow players to supplement the gaming experience by using the extra devices as a second screen.

PS Vita owners will be able to play PS4 titles over Wi-Fi seamlessly. There wasn’t any word a the price, or the release date, for the PS4.

Ok, now the question on everyone’s mind – will GTA 5 come out on the PS4?

GTA 5 has a release date of September 17th now, and pre-orders are already available for PS3 and Xbox 360 on Amazon. At the start of February, Dough Creutz from Cowen & Company informed Trusted Reviews that GTA V was eventually going to come out on the next-generation console in some form. Don Houser, the game’s producer, didn’t rule out the possibility at the time, saying everything is up for consideration, with hints that the game could come out on smartphones as well, considering the success of Vice City on iOS.

People are starting to believe that GTA 5 would indeed come on PS4!!!

If it doesn’t, fans will be able to play one way or another, as Sony has announced there will be cloud services for PS4 which will allow access to PS3 titles.

What’s your bet? Will GTA V be compatible with PS4 or not? Leave your comments below.


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