Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are you getting bored yet of your Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or PC? Would a new video game names GTA 5 hold you over for a while? Lots of hot rumors about the pending GTA 5 video release date. The greatest selling video game of all time will likely be set when the game finally hits store shelves. Cheats are on the way, but what about the game release?
More interesting findings on the internet. Ever heard of the comedian Gilbert Gottfried? Not sure if he loves video games or his Xbox 360, but he posted this week on his Twitter account: "just found out I'm voicing the lead in grand theft auto 5!". Surprise, this was also quickly taken down from his account. Ooops! I'm sure it's true and the denials would also be quickly put out there. So there you go. Take it or leave it but I put my money on Gilbert being a big part of GTA 5. Video games and these types of mistakes happen. Even more now that the internet is such a big part of life. Hard to keep video game release secrets anymore.
People love to dig around about GTA 5 release date evidence and we love it! Thing about the internet, people can connect the dots and find the trail that leads back to the origin. In this case, is apparently registered to Rockstar Games. That lead to further investigation which led video game fanatics to find a whole list of domains that are being hosted by the same DNS IP. The end result is a lot of domains and a lot of speculation as to what these domains have to do with the next GTA video game and what location that GTA 5 game will be at. Stay tuned as things are starting to heat up!


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