Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GTA 5 Release Date Update, ‘Could Realistically Slip To Financial Year 2014′

GTA 5 drama continues with Take-Two giving vague hints about the release date of the game. However, it’s something bad this time as the game could slip to fiscal year 2014.
We know that Take-Two is projecting high revenue for fiscal year 2013 new and that can mean only one thing – the release of GTA 5 withing the fiscal year, which runs from April 2012 to March 2013.
Janco Partners’ Mike Hickey has predicted that the game could slip to fiscal year 2014. “We suspect both GTA 5 and Bioshock Infinite could realistically slip into a fiscal ‘14 release period,” his statement read, via Nowgamer.
However, there is contradictory evidence out there which suggests the game could be released in October or November this year. A guy has calculated the amount of time it took for a GTA game to come out after the trailers were first revealed for the said game.

Here’s what he found out.


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