Thursday, March 14, 2013

GTA 5 Business and Character Fan-Made Databases Go Live

Like its predecessors, Grand Theft Auto V offers a wide-open world filled with believable businesses. With that in mind, a fan has created a database to list them all.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V have far too much time on their hands. Given the amount of time they have to wait for Rockstar to release new details about the upcoming GTA 5, it's not surprising that they'd attempt to curate existing content and information about the game with the screenshots and videos of the game.

If you're wondering why GTA 5's taking so long, Take Two's explained that they want for each of the games to be an event rather than something they can release every year—or even every two years. Call of Duty this series certainly isn't. As for what the studio plans to do with the next-gen, it's hard to say.

In any case, a new effort being spearheaded by a fan named Remi749 is to create a database of all the businesses present in GTA 5's San Andreas. If his name sounds familiar, it's because he's also set up a character database with all of the characters in GTA 5.

The creator is seeking help from the rest of the GTA community to populate both databases with information he may have missed in his own research.

More than just a simple name database, the GTA 5 Business Database contains screengrabs and artwork related to each of the businesses. It goes without saying that a lot of effort is being put into the project.

Amusingly, Rockstar retains their trademark humor with businesses with names like "STD Contractors", "Pißwasser", "Nutsaki", and "Speedophile".

Keep in mind that as none of this work is in any way official, there are mistakes abound—ones which the community has been quick to address in its responses.

If you'd like to help curate the databases, just head to the respective links and leave a comment.

It's interesting to see how the business in Grand Theft Auto 5 will stack up against their real-life counterparts, as we previously showcased.

Given the amount of time Rockstar is taking to release the game, it's with good reason that fans have high expectations for the game. If you're wondering what we want out of the game, we've got an article for that too.


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