Friday, March 29, 2013

Hidden Screenshot Details: Everything You Missed

We take a closer look at some of the details revealed in the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots.
As we detailed in a previous report, Rockstar Games has released ten new screenshots of their upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto 5. The screenshots offer us a new glimpse at the game with sights of skies, sunsets, and stormy seas—not to mention a variety of other, never before seen stuff.

We've decided to take a closer look at the screenshots by placing them under the magnifying glass to uncover some of the details hidden within them.

- There is weather in the game that appears to be as detailed as the weather in Rockstar's other game, Red Dead Redemption.

- Lightning can be seen running through the clouds and striking at a distance. It's unknown whether this is merely a visual effect or whether lightning can actually hit objects.

- The waves in the sea appear to be affected by the weather.

- Heavy weapons are making a return, as evidenced by the minigun being fired by Franklin in one of the screenshots.

- Fire weapons may make an appearance, as a car and a building both appear to be on fire. Trevor was seen setting fire to a house in the second trailer. Whether there will be flamethrowers or molotov cocktails is anyone's guess. But we're guessing there will be.

Gear And Clothing
- Characters appear to be geared for skydiving and motocross. It's unknown whether these outfits are mission-specific or whether you'll be able to wear a bike helmet at any time in the game.

- Franklin's wearing a new shirt, further proving that the game may have a clothing customization system.

- Gunmen can be seen hanging off the side of vehicles in pursuit of Trevor in one of the screenshots. Unknown whether the player can do this too.

- Police helicopters will shine a spotlight on vehicles they're pursuing.

- There's diving in the game to some extent, and the diver in the screenshot appears to be female. It's unknown what her role is or whether players will be able to dive underwater.


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