Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GTA 5 Artwork Surfaces: Cash and Carry

Rockstar has released two new pieces of artwork from its upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5.

Rockstar Games has released two new pieces of high resolution artwork for their upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5. The two illustrations were designed as promotional posters and are titled "Cash and Carry: By Sea" and "Cash and Carry: By Land".

In "Cash and Carry: By Sea", the illustration depicts Michael as he rides in a Speedophile (it's that Rockstar brand of humor again) jetski with a bag of cash strapped to his body. Presumably, Michael is making a getaway with the loot.

In the second image, Franklin makes an escape through the banks of Los Santos' analogue of the L.A. River. Anyone who's seen the movie Drive might recall the scene in which Ryan Gosling drives Carey Mulligan back home by taking a scenic route through the concrete banks of the L.A. River. There's a distinct possibility that other known locations in the film will make their way into GTA 5. Given Rockstar's familiarity with the city, we'd bet our money on it.

The two pieces of artwork are available in a wide variety of desktop and background sizes. Check them out here.


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