Friday, October 5, 2012

GTA V Expected To Come On Wii U Too

Rockstar has not revealed any details on its eagerly-awaited game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) since November last year, but rumours have started swirling on the Web that the fifth-generation GTA game will also be released on the Wii U with GamePad features.
Publishers Rockstar has yet to announce a precise release date for the game and the platforms on which the game will be released. While Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles will surely get the game, many believe that long-awaited game will also be released on some next-generation consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii U.
Nintendo’s new game console Wii U has already started to attract publishers’ attention once again, after it was showcased for the second time at 2012 E3 event. Sega has already announced it support for the Wii U. Platinum Games have decided to bring Bayonetta 2 to the Wii U as an exclusive title for the new platform.
It Rockstar really decided to release GTA V to the Wii U, it will just make the game more striking as the Wii U version will enjoy enhanced functionality, thanks to the GamePad touchscreen controller features.
Taking the same view, the publisher may announce the upcoming version of GTA for the Wii U. You can imagine how interesting it would be to play on the television and then trigger a run riot mission that can then be finished with the help of the Wii U GamePad.
We have yet to know whether GTA5 will be made available on the Wii U or not, but one thing is sure that the Wii U’s Gamepad would provide an awesome experience, for example it will make acts like shooting at the enemies a never-before-enjoyed experience.
After the announcement of New Super Mario Bros game for the new Nintendo game platform at the recently held Eurogamer Expo, it is clear that the GamePad offers a great potential for videogame developers to unlock. This very reason may be responsible for Rockstar’s continued stalling for GTA5.
Some rumours suggest that Rockstar is stalling so long with announcing platforms as it is mulling over plan to release GTA5 on Wii U very seriously.
Preceding versions of the video game would not have been practical on Nintendo’s existing Wii game console. But the announcement of big titles for the Wii U is evidence that the new game console has enough power to handle GTA5. Moreover, Nintendo knows that it can not keep attracting younger audience that look for those novelty features within a game, thus it knows that the Wii U will have to take games like GTA5 under its wings.
GTA 5 will be the first major title in the widely popular GTA series. Set in the fictional Los Santos in the state of the San Andreas, based on the today’s Los Angeles and Southern California.
Rockstar believes that GTA 5 is destined to the biggest open-world action adventure game to date.


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