Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New release date for GTA V?

Is Tesco trying to tell us something with a new release date for Grand Theft Auto V?
The UK retailer has been on a lot of people’s radar as they, out of nowhere, listed a release date for the upcoming addition to the GTA series. Whether it is an attempt to lure people to their pre-order’s site or not, it seems they have altered the release date with a newer ones.
If Tesco’s date is correct, we would see GTA V on 29th of March, 2013. Though we are a bit of skeptical, it wouldn’t surprise us if this was accurate as Tesco have never been one to adhere to embargoes, at times they do like to show their power by going against a developers wishes knowing the developer won’t stop selling their games through them anyway. '''''' Normally, they just sell games many days before their official release date, I guess this time they are getting a bit more clever in what they leak.
On other related note, Take-Two’s financial meeting last month left a hint that the game will be delayed even further. Though i fail to see how you can delay something “further” which has no release date. Some analysts are speculating that it may not even make a March 2013 release due to quality issues.
Commenting on the companies recent financial loss Take Two’s CEO said: “This was primarily due to our decision to postpone the release of several titles in order to allow for additional development time,” “Although our commitment to quality may occasionally affect near-term results, we believe it’s the right approach for maximizing revenue and profits over the long-term.”
Some may think that it doesn’t say much. We’re not so sure. It certainly isn’t positive news for a coming release date.


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