Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GTA 5 goodies as reward for the Max Payne 3 users

Good news for the people who are looking towards the new titles of Rockstar. If you happen to pre-order the game of Max Payne 3 at Future Shop or Best Buy Canada or Best buy USA, you will get a reward of $20 for GTA V. There is also an additional benefit. You’ll receive the first paid DLC. However, we do not know what is involved or available in this downloadable content. You may redeem this $20 voucher when GTA V is launched.
The Max Payne 3 is weaved around New York. So the feeling of a lack of atmosphere may come to the player, but the new environment is nonetheless interesting. The latest sequel of Max Payne is full of action, while the GTA V needs an upgrade in the real villain like listing, from the characters to the updated weapons for all the characters involved in the game. The updated weapons would be best suited for the ruthless enemies and the police.
This discount of $20 for the GTA V through the Max Payne 3 will be a bonus combo for the action aficionados who love the quick flicks.


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