Monday, April 23, 2012

Rockstar Games intends to release GTA 5 in October

Rockstar Games have been extremely tightlipped regarding their latest outing, the Grand Theft Auto V. The developers have kept the exact release date under wraps for quite some time even though they are incessantly probed by the press and fans alike regarding the same. Be it some form of business strategy or something else, the company hasn’t made any form of communication. The United Kingdom GTA 5 developer group hasn’t even released a press note on the same. Rockstar Games have been quite successful in eluding the media for some time now.
But lately some information has leaked out regarding its probable release date, which is to be around the second week of October this year. If such speculations ring true then the Grand Theft Auto V would make its entry before Halo 4. Halo 4 is slated to release in the first week of November. However, these rumors may turn out to be incorrect, but we will keep you posted regarding any and all news that follows up regarding the GTA 5. It’s going to be an interesting winter with a number of big names lining up with their latest releases.


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