Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things we wish are given a miss in GTA 5

With the GTA 5 right around the corner, we decided to make a list of the things we wish were not present in the last rendition of the game and hoping that they will be given a miss in the latest one.
Firstly, we would not like to see a repeat of the opener of the GTA San Andreas where you are put in a gym to get CJ’s body in shape through monotonous battering of the X button.
Another thing that we want not to be a part of the next rendition is Niko’s cousin. Roman, the cousin added nothing to the game and was a pathetic character to begin with. Neither his perversion nor his antiques went down well with us.
Thirdly we would wish that the phone calls were kept to a minimum so as you are not bugged with incessant calls during the game which adds very little to the quests/missions.
Two other things that we wish were not part of the last edition of the GTA are the ‘riding around town across the map to get to your mission’ and the ‘callback at the 6 AM’. It is a ridiculous ploy to make the character run around halfway across the map just to arrive at the point where the action starts. Even more did we dislike the gameplay, after being disappointed having arrived at the mission, only to realize that you have to come back the next day at 6 AM.


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  2. no se puede si agien ya jugo que me explique

  3. no he podido jugarlo laguien que me explique o esto es una falsa

  4. pero q coño no se puede jugar o q,, me molesta q jodan a la gente asi


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