Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rockstar Games promises alluring story for GTA5

The news has come as a wave to Rockstar Games enthusiasts who have been waiting for the developers to launch the latest and the most anticipated installment of the hit GTA franchise. It is now livewire news that GTA 5 will be launched towards the end of this year and one of the most promising features of this game will be its storyline which is said to be diverse and unique. The game is said to set up a new benchmark which Rockstar Games has always been setting up with its games.
The prime character of this game will be a man who basically is a gangster working with thugs for money. The man was once a good citizen who had to bear the brunt of thugs and thus decided to take a revenge on all those who harmed him and his family. The environment of the game has been designed to be extravagant and realistic. Rockstar Games has claimed that the graphics level of the game will be much better than the previous installments and thus this has only added fuel to the fire of hype.
Thus, with an interesting storyline and intense gameplay, GTA 5 can become the biggest rage.


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