Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How the GTA 5 villain should be?

Grand Theft Auto allows you to unleash that devil inside that never gets to be the aggressor, release its pent up emotions in the real world. Ever wanted to knock someone out? Ever wanted to dish out total disdain at the law enforcement? Ever wished you could drive over those cars in a pathetic traffic jam or break every single traffic rule there is? Well, the GTA series allows you just that, the chance to be as villainous as you want to. But times are a changing, and here in this article we are debating on elements that will make the GTA 5, the latest edition, a much better experience than the previous renditions. Here we take a look at how to enhance the freedom of the main character.
Firstly, we would like to see a change in the artillery. Yes there’s a lot of fun catapulting a cop car into oblivion with a grenade launcher or using a sniper from a rooftop taking out hordes of law enforcers. But the weapons need an upgrade. Better bigger and more stylish weapons are demanded.
Next up we would also like to see a greater importance given to customization. Customization, be it the cars or the weapons. In allowing the character to customize a weapon to his liking, adding or removing components to suit his style and need adds a lot of depth to the gameplay and betters the overall game playing experience.  At the same time, we would also like to see customization in the cars. Pimping it up is one thing, but to be able to add different elements and gadgets to it to pump up its performance and ride, gives the gamers one other thing to tinker with and think about.
Let us know how you think the GTA 5 villain should be..


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