Friday, May 4, 2012

GTA V Release Date On Q4 2012 Hinted By Xbox Australia & New Zealand Contest

Another day, another rumor-mill for Grand Theft Auto V. This time, we received a tipster report that the official Facebook page of Xbox Australia & New Zealand is doing some contest for its subscribers.

The latest one posted is this “crack the code” said to be “the cheat code to trump all cheat codes” which basically enables users to “win a year of supply of Xbox 360 games” depending on their luck. For those interested, you should like XboxANZ first, click the link and select ‘about’ to know more about your chances of winning.
So what does this have to do with GTA V? Well, if you’ll look at the killer titles below. It’s comprised of 54 triple-A games. Under it, it says “almost every game released for the Xbox 360 in 2012″ like Mass Effect 3, The Witcher 2, Prototype, Call of Duty. And if you’ll scroll to the bottom of the image, you can see GTA V’s box art. So does it mean Microsoft knows something that we don’t? And Rockstar will reveal the much-anticipated sandbox game later this year?

After digging a little on Google, we found several threads from GTAForums which shows the possibilities of this contest drop. However, may we remind everyone this finding is just a speculation and Rockstar still haven’t revealed any launch date for GTA V ever since revealing its first trailer last October.

In our previous analysis, we gave several reasons why the outfit will reveal GTA V on Q4 this year despite of the opposing chances that it will be pushed until the second quarter of 2013 similar with GTA IV. We’ll see!

Update: One of our readers mention the Terms and Condition of the page says “the competition commences 1.5.12 and ends when the Code is cracked, or on 20.12.12 (whichever is first). Xbox Live subscription required” which drops at the last month of this year.


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