Friday, May 18, 2012

GTA V: Possible leaks in stores?

The GTA V fans have anxiously been searching for little glimpse of the game will now have something to satisfy their guts with the release of the new Max Payne 3 disk. Rockstar is likely to load latest edition of the Max Payne with some of the information related to the GTA cars that are going to be featured in the game.

Considering the fact that Rockstar is already sharing some of the multiplayer crews between the two titles, this news doesn’t come as a surprise. Using the social club integration feature, players will be able to generate crews that can be taken forward from one game to another. The crew generated in Max Payne 3 can be taken to GTA V. This would be first for a company and is likely to start a legacy in the games.
Beside the cars, Rockstar is expected to disclose more info at E3. On May 18th, people will have the first sight of GTA V with the release of the Max Payne 3. A thorough detailed glimpse of the cars will help the user to identify the modifications added to the GTA V.


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