Friday, May 25, 2012

May 24th Came and Went Without Grand Theft Auto V

Rumours that something Grand Theft Auto was coming on May 24th turned out to be, unsurprisingly, false. I keep saying that all of this suspense, all of this waiting is going to bite Rockstar on the ass. They released a single trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game and it was amazing, but they've left us in the hands of people spreading rumours, false employees and friends of friends in the Rockstar circle. The game to be released can't possibly live up to the hype created by people after just a shred of true information, and I can't wait to see Metacritic's user reviews the day after release.
At the end of last year people went fishing for clues in the trailer and came across more than a few references to May 24th. It could just have been a reference to Dan Houser's birthday, or it could be a super-secret release date. Well, May 24th came and went, and while I have no doubt Mr Houser had a great birthday, we're no closer to knowing anything for certain about Grand Theft Auto V.
The only excuse I can think of that warrants this long wait is if GTA V will be a next-gen game on new consoles as of yet unannounced, but there's no real reason to think that's the case. 

Maybe next year, eh?.


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