Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hardcore gamers to get some real good stuff in GTA 5

Rockstar Games have been seen keeping mum on the presumed modifications to be made on the Grand Theft Auto 5. The game developers are now being seen concentrating in the promotion of the soon to be released multiplayer game, Max Payne 3. The game is expected to come out of the box on May 15th. The game developers have still something good in their box for the lovers of both the games. In fact, Rockstar Games have been reported to have scheduled something brimmed with goodies between the releases of both the games. Moreover, the company is working on developing the Social Club dedicated to its games.
The integrated Social Club will help in carrying multiplayer crews from one game to another. This feature will certainly lead the GTA 5 to the popularity, appeal and advantage enjoyed by the predecessors in this series.
GTA 5 has been speculated to be a game that has everything for almost everyone around, and was termed as a game for every modern gamer. The game has already given a narrative touch to its trailer for the newbies. When the question of the lead character arises, Hispanic can really be the one with a mixed lineage character. Introduction of cars, planes and even blazing guns have acted like the topping on the ice-cream to complete the reality factor in the reel life. The upcoming version is expected to be featured with improved graphics and better display. The point to brood over lies with the question if the GTA 5 will be able to meet the 2012  deadline. Here at, we are keeping our fingers crossed.


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