Saturday, July 28, 2012

If GTA 5 gets planes, they must look real

The announcements had been made that GTA 5 maps will increase in size and the planes will return back in this version of GTA. The gamers had a good time with the helicopters in GTA 4 and they hope that Rockstar will create the planes in such a manner that they look like real ones.
Since the maps will become bigger and planes would be added to GTA 5, there needs to be a balance. While flying these aircrafts during the air combat (which is going to increase in this version), making them look like the real one is important and to have proper control over these is also important so that there is no chaos in the game.
The gamers had been constantly asking for modified weapons, modified vehicles and inclusion of planes. In case all these features gets added to GTA 5, the concern will be how these modifications will be able to keep balance along with the realism of the game. To add more real-like situation means, adding weather conditions, earthquakes etc. How Rockstar has incorporated these things to add more to the mindless fun of the gamers is just a matter of time. We could feel happy to get hot air balloons, gliding features etc.


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