Thursday, July 5, 2012

Relevance of GTA 5 is in question because of constant delay

The Grand Theft Auto series has been successful with all the gamers all over the world since the day it was launched along with the other game titles from Rockstar. But now with so many new franchises from different houses around, this gem from Rockstar is in threat. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of this GTA series was that the players did not have to conform and could go about in an open-world. But the doubt is that if the question about the declining popularity of GTA series is at all a valid one. This doubt could spell doom for the upcoming GTA 5.
Those who are not GTA fans could also feel the popularity of this game in the gaming industry.  The gamers are in search of news, blogs and other information about GTA 5 everyday and in case the game is not launched, we could feel how much difference it could make to this gaming industry and then people would realize that GTA 5 is still a relevant one.
Those who are conversant with the GTA 4 would find many changes in the upcoming sequel of the same series. If the question about the relevance of GTA 5 comes in the mind of these gamers then they should be rest keep faith that they are going to get something very different and exciting in the upcoming GTA 5. But will that faith be answered by Rockstar? Only time will tell. For now all we can do is wait and watch and keep our fingers crossed that all those time spent searching Google about the latest GTA 5 rumors and news was not wasted.


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