Monday, July 30, 2012

Supposed comments of Dan Conti on GTA 5 on Twitter was Fake: Rockstar

The developer of the GTA 5 has not released even the launch month and the exact date is something far off. As there is no news or announcements getting shared from the developer company, people are getting more desperate to know something more about GTA 5.
The news reporters and gamers are regularly hunting for news and information on the twitter for GTA 5. Rumors were that Dan Conti had come out with some comments related to GTA 5 on his twitter account. Dan Conti is a programmer working for Rockstar. Among other things on this twitter account, “he” confirmed about the release date of GTA 5.
As one gamer twitted that he could not wait for GTA 5, Dan Conti replied that even if the game takes another 5 years to get releases, this long waiting period is worth it.

His comment made the other users to comment if the waiting time for GTA 5 is going to be more and if GTA 5 is going to be on the “current gen Xbox” and Dan Conti denied to reply on that. His comment to wait for game for another 5 years was considered about something out of perspective by users.
Rockstar later confirmed that the Twitter account was fake and they have nothing to do with that. The page has now been taken offline.


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