Saturday, June 23, 2012

The most famous characters of GTA thus far

People are crazy about the Grand Theft Auto series; and why shouldn’t they be? After all, it is a perfect mix of a beautifully made story along with a combination of excellent characters. People are eagerly waiting for the release of the new version.
GTA III was released for the first time 11 years earlier and made you plan the murder of many civilians and impersonators of Elvis, that too in 3D. Here are 10 of the best characters who made it unforgettable.
Toni Cipriani
He is a member of the Leone family and also a part of the GTA: Liberty City Stories. He works in a restaurant where he is often looked down upon by his mother for not being as successful as his late father. He clearly represents the rock pop culture.
Claude Speed
He is arguably the most prominent protagonist in the series, and even the quietest. After the emergence of San Andreas, we realized that the dumb person from GTA III actually had a name. It is quite surprising that being the lead character, he is mute. Actually, he is the best from Rockstar North.
Lance Vance
He is the coolest drug supplier and also the proud owner of the Lance Vance dance. His abrupt attitude and unhappiness at being treated like a baby by tommy results in his and Sonny Forelli’s death at the end of GTA: Vice City.
Brucie Kibbutz
He is cruel, he is stupid, but that doesn’t prevent us from making him our favorite. A part of GTA IV, he is a cross of Jersey Shore and Barney Stinson. He has certain gay tendencies, and that makes him all the more adorable.
Kent Paul & Maccer
They are always shown as a pair as one is incomplete without the other. They are actually two clowns who were first spotted in the desert after Maccer spikes both their drinks. They have even been kidnapped in the series.
Niko Bellic
He is considered boring by many, yet his subtle humor and serious attitude for ‘American Dream’ stole many hearts and made him the most respected protagonist in the series. His policy is to get his work done without any interruptions. He was listed in the top 25 anti-heroes for having a pure heart, beneath the external roughness.
Ken Rosenberg
He is the only committed follower of tommy V till the end though his addictiveness to drugs creates a rift between the two in the later stages. However, it the series never encourages drugs through him.
Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson
He is the only character who showed a bit of sympathy and reluctance in killing people mercilessly. That’s what makes him the most special of the lot.
He is a faceless celebrity. In fact, he is a very rude radio host. However, that doesn’t stop him from being witty. He is dear to the audience for all his funny talk.
Tommy Vercetti
He is the most dangerous of the lot: a psychopath, killer and drug smuggler. He is the coolest madman of the series.


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