Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second trailer for GTA 5 coming soon

The E3 2012 has finally kicked off at Los Angeles and all the leading developers are there to showcase some or the other delights for the enthusiasts. Rockstar Games is all set to launch the second trailer of their upcoming 2012 hit game GTA 5 and the hype circulating across the game has been immense, ever since the release date of the game has been launched by the developers, many fans are getting restless over the past few months as they have been waiting for the developers to launch the second trailer of the game since a long time.
Rockstar Games had launched the first game trailer towards the beginning of this year but since then the developers have been giving the enthusiasts false hopes of releasing a new trailer of the game which will be different from that of the first trailer. This will throw the Rockstar Games pavilion at the E3 2012 into limelight. The trailer as well as the first gameplay of Halo 4 will also be launched soon and thus all eyes are set upon these two games both of which are fighting with each other to gain the support of the gaming enthusiasts.


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