Sunday, June 3, 2012

Developers collaboration for GTA 5 increases enthusiasm for the game

It is news for GTA 5 enthusiasts that ahead of the E3, devs has joined hands with Rockstar Games. These people are known in the gaming market for their game Red Dead Redemption, said to be one of the most alluring and dynamic games ever made.
Rockstar Games has chosen to remain absent from the E3 this year due to certain reasons but they have something else planned for the fans. On the day before the E3, Rockstar Games is reportedly planning to release a second trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5. This is something that would steal the limelight from all other games that will be showcased by other developers at the E3. So now Rockstar San Diego has joined hands with Rockstar North.

7 months back, Rockstar Games released the first ever trailer of GTA 5 which created a rage amongst fans as the game will be 10 times better than GTA 4. Those who have been following the franchise are now eagerly waiting for the second trailer of the hit game which has a chance of hitting the market by the end of this year or probably next summer. Rockstar Games is pretty enthusiastic about the second trailer coming up and hopes that this will bring more and more fans.


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