Sunday, June 17, 2012

Guessing Game for the Main GTA 5 Protagonist is On

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) is the upcoming open world action-adventure videogame being developed by UK-based Rockstar North and to be published by Rockstar Games.
GTA fans are eager to know who the main GTA 5 character will be. While neither the developer not the publisher has revealed the identity of the main character of the upcoming game, the Grand Theft Auto montage can provide a little help in predicting about the GTA 5’s protagonist.
However, it is not easy to detect the GTA 5 main character from the montage because the montage presents ten guys to choose from.
The list of guys in the montage includes CJ, Johny, Claud, Vic, Tommy, Huang, Luis, Niko and Tini. You can ignore the lady that’s just Vic’s girl. But others characters are strong contenders.
However, reports also suggest that the protagonist in the GTA 5 will be in his 50s and will have a questionable background.
While it will be nice to see it the main protagonist in the upcoming game will be from the montage, Rockstar North could bring in an entirely new character. But for now, the guessing game is on. Let’s see who the final protagonist is.


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