Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grand Theft Auto V is Set to be Bigger than Ever

While the release date for the latest edition of the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V is set to be somewhere in the spring on 2013, the pre-orders had started back in beginning of November. Grand Theft Auto V has loads of excitement surrounding it, and Rockstar games keeps on adding to the excitement by releasing little details and screen shots time and again. The revelation about the size of the game is the latest such dose.

Grand Theft Auto V is set in the city of Los Santos, which would predictably be a replica of Los Angles. Rockstar has claimed that Grand Theft Auto V will be the strongest plotted game ever. This edition has three characters– A retired bank robber Michael, a career criminal Trevor and a Repo man Franklin. The main theme of the game seems to be bank heists with many of the missions involving heists.

A quick menu enables the players to switch between the characters at any time during the game. When the players are not under your control, they go about doing their usual activities, so you might find them in surprising position after switching the controls. While one can thoroughly enjoy playing a single character, (since each of the characters has a rich plot in the story) there are missions in which all the three are involved.

Grand Theft Auto V has improved in every aspect of gameplay. More importantly, the city is bigger this time. As a Rockstar game developer claimed, Los Santos is bigger than ‘Red Dead Redemption, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV Liberty city put together’. The missions are more dynamic in Grand Theft Auto V, and there’s underwater gameplay too. Shooting has improved, and so has the interaction of the people– in GTA V, they would react depending on the type of neighborhood they are from.

The grand theft series has already been a hit, and Grand Theft Auto V might well end up as the most exciting installment in it.


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