Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Trevor Screenshot Emerges

Hungarian magazine PC Guru shows Trevor climbing the Vinewood sign.

A new GTA 5 screenshot has emerged, courtesy of a Hungarian gaming magazine PC Guru.
Which means it's got that slightly blurry drunk-cameraphone-pic-on-a-Saturday-night look to it rather than something crystal clear, but it's good enough that you can see some detail on it.
So what have we learnt from this screenshot? First, that Trevor really likes climbing things and second, this means there may be more GTA 5 media out there besides the 'official' online screens.
And no, we're not sure why a PC magazine is covering GTA 5. There's no announcement that's been missed with regards to a PC version.
We'll keep our eyes peeled. Well, we won't. We're not going to peel our eyes. We're just going to look out for them. Should have just said that, really.


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