Wednesday, December 19, 2012

GTA 5: More Than a Game

GTA 5‘s release is building excitement each day as more information comes in about this epic game. It’s about time to dive into all the awesome news that’s been established about Grand Theft Auto 5, the most anticipated game of 2013. There are lots of great things to talk about, but one of the most exciting things about this game is how it’s taking part in the evolution of its own genre.

Visually, Los Santos is looking sweeter than ever. The graphics looked great in the first trailer, and the second trailer only built on what was already obviously crisp and detailed. The screenshots also depict the new graphics in all their beauty with a ridiculous amount of detail all over the buildings, characters, weapons, water, and pretty much everything. Another thing that’s clearly been improved in this game is the distance at which you can see things, rather than watching cars and buildings load and pop up randomly as you’re driving, you’ll be able to see what’s coming far ahead of time. Rockstar came out about its use of the RAGE game engine, which stands for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. According to Rockstar, their new engine is build to be able to give this game an edge in realism and interactivity.

 In terms of vehicles, a lot of new information has been disclosed. It’s now confirmed that there will be convertible cars with functional roofs, Jet Skis, several aircraft such as crop dusters, private jets, military jets, and helicopters. The vehicles have also been improved in terms of physics. According to Rockstar, gravity will feel more natural with the cars and they’ll “hold to the ground a bit better”.
It’s still not clear how many new weapons will be available in the new game, but one thing that the trailers seem to hint at is that there will be customizability available. Some weapons are shown that seem to be the same aside from some minor alterations. This should add more depth to the free-flowing, creative nature of the game.
GTA 5′s three protagonists.
There’s also a lot of new information about the characters. In this game, there will actually be three different playable characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Switching between them will be possible when the player is not in a mission, and in certain missions it actually be possible to switch between them as well to allow for a whole new dynamic action to GTA 5. Interestingly, when certain characters aren’t being controlled, they live their own lives and when they’re re-selected they may be at a different point in their lives than when they were last selected.

The most exciting thing about GTA 5 has got to be how it’s revolutionizing its gameplay. This is a necessary thing to do because otherwise it might just be one of the many contenders in the open world, driving, shooting, and flying games. Gamers probably only want to steal cars and shoot people for so long. It’s looking like the gameplay in GTA 5 is not going to follow any previous formulaic styles, but is rather going guide gamers into a more dynamic world where stealing cars and shooting people will be last on the priority list. If the trailers are anything to go by, it seems the missions are going to involve more direct and goal-oriented missions that still give gamers the freedom to maneuver through it however they choose. There are scenes that showcase planned out robberies, trains crashing into each other (who hasn’t been wanting to see that), and lighting a whole house on fire to make a point. These scenes look like they’re going to be an experience that just can’t be matched in previous installments or other games in general. One aspect that’s pretty revolutionary is that Rockstar is really turning the GTA 5 world into a living breathing ecosystem of sorts. There are going to be all kinds of random events, side missions, wildlife (dogs for sure now), multiple characters with different personalities that will run into each other at random times, and time itself will actually be re-conceptualized. Now, characters that may be known to the gamer will always go about living their daily lives in which ever way they choose. For example, if there’s an employee that works at a store, that won’t be the end of their life like it seemed in previous installments. Those people will actually live lives that the gamer can see and interact with. The gamer can see his own gardener waiting at a bus stop, or at another time, the gamer might just be driving around the city and all of a sudden see that same gardener working somewhere else. GTA 5 is also going to introduce all kinds of new activities such as golf, tennis, base-jumping, jet skiing, and yoga. Some of the old but good things about Grand Theft Auto 4 will also be returning to this installment like strip clubs, bowling, internet cafes, live comedy, and in-game T.V.

Needless to say, this is all sounding very promising and it’s looking like GTA 5 is going to pull through and give gamers a one of a kind experience. A lot of people are going to be stuck in this awesomely diverse and ever-changing world that’s just full of super fun things to do. The anticipation is only intensifying and the more information is provided, the more promising this awesome title is turning out to be.


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