Wednesday, December 26, 2012

GTA 5 Release Date Rumors Resurface

Rockstar games gave fans of Grand Theft Auto V an early Christmas present by releasing a bunch of screens, confirming Jumbo-Jet/747, hydra, submarines and swimming with the possibility of a shark attack. Here's something that might make your day even better, people who pre-ordered the game via Amazon are now receiving emails with a delivery date of March 27, 2013 which falls in the Spring 2013 release window Rockstar has already confirmed. That would be a month early than GTA IV(April 29, 2008) making it a some-what plausible release date.

A concrete release date is still a mystery, but there's a strong possibility that the next trailer is going to clear up a lot of things. I'm hoping Rockstar does one of those video series released for the likes of RDR and Max Payne explaing the new & improved features of the game in detail.

Taking a look back at the screenshots, would it be stretching the imagination if we could possibly use the Jumbo Jet in multiplayer with multiple players hopping in to it and sky diving into the city-scape, now that would be a sight I'd want to see as early as possible. Wouldn't chop enjoy a ride in one of those or may be that is asking too much from Rockstar?

There's also a strong possibility that GTA 5 could be a cross-gen game because the game is sure to be followed up with a few episodes which will be released with next-gen systems from Microsoft and Sony already in the hands of gamers.


  1. What 'bout GTA V on PC? Weren't there any petitions read by Rockstar? MOD GTA is a culture, they can't do that to all their fans! ;(


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