Sunday, January 20, 2013

GTA 5 Creator Sam Houser Profiled in German Magazine

The creator of the Grand Theft Auto series, Sam Houser, is profiled in the latest issue of a German gaming mag.
The latest issue of, a German gaming mag, has an exclusive interview with Sam Houser, one of the fathers of the Grand Theft Auto series of games and creator of the upcoming GTA 5.

The feature largely focuses on Sam Houser's rise with the GTA series and is less about the upcoming game, so it doesn't have a whole lot of new things to say about GTA 5. A preview of the feature goes something like this, according to Google’s machine translation(via GTAforums):

“Sam Houser is the son of movie stars. Born rich and well off. But he wanted more. He wanted to make games for cultural struggled against Washington and the American prudishness to build an empire. This is his story. This is the story of GTA ... - no way the big GTA Special missed in the new Games Updates!”

Right. So the feature’s basically about Sam Houser and how he fought the system through his art and won, by parodying and subverting popular culture. While the feature may not provide anything new about the upcoming game, it should prove an interesting read for anyone interested in the rise of Rockstar and Houser's motivations behind the games.
Just so you guys know, the girl in the pink bikini isn't official art from the upcoming game, but rather a fan art that's been posted on many forums in the past. As for official art, Rockstar did mention in the last update to look forward to more artwork and the game's official cover to be released later this month.


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