Sunday, January 27, 2013

Leaked GTA 5 Posters Depict Armed Heists

Two newly leaked Grand Theft Auto V posters show off what appear to be armed heists.
Not all rumors can be trusted, especially those pertaining to unreleased games like Grand Theft Auto 5. With that said, leaks don't have the same problem, especially when there are multiple apparent sources for the same leak detailing the same information.

Today, a couple of pictures surfaced on reddit's GTA 5 community, showcasing what appears to be new artwork for Rockstar's upcoming game. The artwork looks to be of a pair of posters for GTA 5, and are apparently meant to advertise a pre-order of the game at GameStop retailers in the US.
The first poster depicts an armed, helmeted man on a motorcycle being pursued by the police. He is armed with an Uzi-like submachine gun and has a duffel bag hanging off his waist as he makes his getaway. An LSPD helicopter can be seen hovering overhead as he rides through what looks like the Los Santos analogue of the L.A. River. It's like the scene in the movie 'Drive' when Ryan Gosling takes Carey Mulligan on a detour on their way home. The man is wearing a cream long-sleeved shirt with a blue overshirt. There's a good chance he's Franklin given his dark skin tone.

The second poster, depicted on the right (seen above) shows an armed man in a suit and tie looking at his watch as he partakes in a jewelry store heist. Though he wears a bag over his head, he can be seen clutching a pair of necklaces in one hand while wielding an MP5 submachine gun in the other. Judging from the suit, he's probably Michael.

As both characters are partaking in what appear to be heists, there's a good chance that  there's also a third poster depicting the game's third and final protagonist, Trevor. It has yet to be revealed.

The rest of the details on the poster suggest a Spring 2013 release date for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but that's nothing we didn't already know.


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