Sunday, January 13, 2013

GTA 5 Trailer Remade in Battlefield 3

Grand Theft Auto 5's trailer remade using Battlefield 3? Yep, go watch!
Ever wanted to see Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer remade using Battlefield 3's in-game graphics? No? Well, regardless of what you think, we're showing it to you anyway.
Yes, I know we've posted a lot of Grand Theft Auto 5 remade videos, but seeing as we still have no new info about the game. this should have to do for now. Just in case you want to see the other remakes again, here's one where GTA 5 was remade using real-world footage, another one where it was dubbed with real-world sound effects, and finally, GTA 5 remade in LEGO.
In the video below created by YouTube user KETEGANO15, even the title gets a new look from Grand Theft Auto 5 to "Battlefield 3" using GTA 5's font. Seeing as Battlefield 3 has vehicles in-game, the video does a surprisingly good job of mimicking it. Also, Battlefield 3's varied maps do a good job of playing host to GTA 5's various locales.
Even if Rockstar has been stingy when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 5 news, that doesn't mean the game has been out of the headlines. In an unfortunate incident, the Sandy Hook shooting was somehow tied to Grand Theft Auto 5, which equated to a U.S. Senator asking for the game to be banned. 
In other GTA 5 news, we might have uncovered the person providing the voice for Trevor. Also, you might want to check out the cars we've seen from the game's second trailer so far. 
Let's hope Rockstar releases some official Grand Theft Auto 5 news soon. Not screenshots, but actual, tangible news we can chew on, which I don't think I'm alone in anticipating.
GTA 5 is set for a Spring 2013 release for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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