Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rockstar Games Releases New 'GTA 5' Artwork as Downloadable Wallpapers

Rockstar has released the previously seen artwork of GTA V as downloadable wallpapers.
Beyond its caliber as a game developer, Rockstar is well known for the artwork that graces each of its games, the latest of which is Grand Theft Auto V. The game, which has yet to be released, has been rendered in the studio's signature form.

Today, Rockstar Games released four new images of GTA V including two never before seen (or at least rarely seen) pieces of art that depict the game's three protagonists in one—Michael, Trevor, and Franklin—and just Michael holding a silenced assault rifle in another.

In the picture titled "The Trunk", Michael, Trevor and Franklin stand armed while peering at an opened car trunk. Michael and Franklin appear to be carrying handguns while Trevor holds a can of beer with his other hand resting on the open trunk.

In the other picture, dubbed "Vinewood", Michael can be seen standing in front of the large Vinewood sign with a scoped and silenced assault rifle that looks like an M4. An airplane streaks in the sky behind him.

The two other pictures, titled "Franklin and Chop" depict Franklin, armed with a bat with his Rottweiler dog Chop; and "Stop and Frisk", which shows a cop handcuffing a Hollywood socialite who doesn't appear too bothered about her arrest.

All of the artwork is now available as downloadable artwork on the official Rockstar Games website, and are also available as Facebook covers and buddy icons.

Grand Theft Auto V is set for release in Spring 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Versions for the PC or Wii U have not been announced.


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