Friday, November 23, 2012

GTA 5 offered for £30 at Tesco

First blood drawn in retail price war.
Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 might not be out until next year but the retail price war has already begun.

Tesco changed its GTA V price to £39.99 which means the voucher code will not work unless customers buy an additional item to meet the £40 minimum threshold. Numerous outlets are inviting customers to pre-order the upcoming fifth main instalment in the series, with supermarket chain Tesco's online store currently the cheapest at £30.
To redeem the offer simply add the game to your cart here and enter this code courtesy of SavyGamer "TDX-RJMW". At checkout and £10 will be knocked off the £40 price tag.

The price is guaranteed, and should it drop further Tesco said it will refund the difference, so you've got nothing to lose. The code is unlikely to remain valid for an extended period, so use it while you can.


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