Friday, November 16, 2012

New Screens Hint at Surfing, Vehicle Destruction and Jet Differences

While Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer was just released yesterday, Rockstar has now released two new screens and it's quite noteworthy, too.
The first screenshot shows Trevor riding a dune buggy while he's being chased by cops. 
If you think that's not terribly exciting, maybe the second one will pique your curiosity more. It's not as action-packed as the screenshot above, as it just shows a sidewalk market, but the devil is in the details...or so they say.
Notice anything? No? Well, take a look at the sign below "SideWalk Market," and you'll see a "Surfing" sign that has the words "Lessons" on its left. Could this mean surfing is a possibility in Grand Theft Auto 5? It could be a harmless word up there, but it could also be a hint at things to come, no? 
Here's a closer look at the image:
In addition to that screens, Reddit user AnIndustrialEngineer seems to have spotted a few key differences between the jet shown in a screenshot released by Rockstar a few weeks ago, to the jet shown off in the trailer.
Here are his observations with the corresponding images:
Jet shown off from the screenshot.
  • Its fuselage and mid-mounted wings resemble those of an F-16.
  • The under-fuselage positioning of the air intakes is similar, but the intake is divided.
  • Also two vertical stabilizers, one with a wart on it.
  • Each wing has 3 underwing hardpoints and a wingtip hardpoint.
  • The innermost pair of hardpoints is equipped with fuel tanks.
  • Nose radome is gray.
Compared to the jet pictured below.
To AnIndustrialEngineer's eyes, the jet above looks like a cross between a Harrier and an F-35. Both are capable of STOVL/VTOL so he thinks this points to the jet as being a Hydra.
  • High-mounted wing
  • side-mounted intakes
  • Two clean vertical stabilizers (as far as I can tell)
  • Underwing jet nozzles probably for VTOL 
  • Three underwing hardpoints per wing, all equipped with missiles
  • No wingtip hardpoints.
  • Black nose radome
  • I think the second image of this aircraft shows outboard landing gear between the first and second hardpoint.
Lastly, another Reddit user by the name of Meeolivesforever has noticed that the vehicle destruction in Grand Theft Auto 5 seems to have been upped exponentially compared to previous games in the series. He points out the scene in the trailer where it shows a car getting smashed by two trucks.
Keep in mind though that the destruction might be for cinematic purposes and not representative of anything that can happen in-game. If it is, well, that certainly ups the stakes when it comes to vehicular carnage, no?
There you go; another day, another dose of Grand Theft Auto 5 info. We'll keep you up to date once more info on 2013's biggest game becomes available.
Would you want surfing to be part of GTA 5's gameplay? What about vehicle destruction? Do you think we can smash cars like that in-game?


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