Thursday, November 22, 2012

The second trailer of GTA 5 has been remade in San Andreas - is Creatively Hideous

There's little doubt that the next Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 5, is going to be one of the best looking open world games this generation has seen, but that doesn't mean we can't take it back old school and imagine what it would look like if it were built on the GTA 3 engine.

One user, PaciPlays on YouTube, had that exact thought in mind when he remade the entirety of GTA 5's 2nd trailer in GTA: San Andreas using all of the game's old school visuals to depict what the future of the GTA franchise would look like if it were made 10 years ago.
It's both incredibly creative—in that I'd probably play it on the PS Vita if it came out right now—and ugly as hell because it looks as dated as it is. 
In spite of the video's extremely dated visuals, it's incredible how he and the rest of the people who participated in the making of the trailer managed to remake the entirety of GTA 5's second trailer in minute detail, down to the rappelling sequence—replaced by a jetpack because there's no rappel physics in the game.
Even the trailer's ending of featuring the three main protagonists in a "see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil" gesture is replicated in the old engine. It's very amusing, to say the least, and we thought to give it the attention it deserves by featuring it here. 


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