Friday, November 2, 2012

GTA 5 Poster Image Suggests Dogs Will be in the Game

Dogs—or at least Rottweilers—may appear in GTA 5.

Michael Huckaby, not to be confused with the Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, claims to be the first person to pre-order Grand Theft Auto V.

Whether he was the first at his local GameStop or the first in the world is not known, but for his efforts, Michael got a poster of the game and a tiny image projector containing a sneak preview of the game. He took a picture of the stuff he got on Instagram.

The Grand Theft Auto V poster shows off some never-before-seen artwork of the game depicting a thug with a baseball bat over his shoulder and a Rottweiler leashed on a chain. The Rottweiler reminds me quite a bit of my own dog Isengard, whom you can see below. He only puts on his angry face when he's outside.

In any case, the image seems to imply that dogs will be among one of the new features in GTA V, joining the likes of the recently released Dishonored and Hotline Miami, both of which feature attack dogs as enemies.

Equally interesting is the tiny image projector, which projects an image of the game onto a surface when you shine a light through it. It looks like a postcard, which reads “Having fun at the Zancudo River.” It depicts a man skydiving above a jungle, with a river running through it.

Like the artwork with the man and the dog, the postcard image is new and has not been released anywhere else.

Grand Theft Auto V is set for release in Spring 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  No PC version has been announced as of yet.


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